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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  September 13, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> so be totally clear. and this president and the brave men and women serving under him and giving their lives for our values are the very embodiment of that exceptionalism. as for mitt romney, well, it seems to me this week he's the one who needs to apologize. all right, that does it for "the cycle". >> and the people said, amen. thank you so much, it's thursday september 13. and here's what's happening. a world on the brink. >> would you consider the current egyptian regime an ally to the united states? >> i don't know if we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy. >> violence in response to a speech is not acceptable. >> we will bring their killers who justice. >> seen as a party on the brink.
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>> today romney is the only guy looking presidential. >> george bush's a rock, that's how you install a democracy in the middle east. >> the way you voiced it, it was pretty much what mitt romney said yesterday. >> i think this president is a winner. >> the first response to the united states must be outrage. >> we begin this afternoon with the president and secretary of state both working to address the ongoing crisis in libya, even as the nation continues to mourn the loss of ambassador stevens and three other senior members of the diplomatic staff. the has spoken to the leaders of both libya and egypt, inviting them to step up security while
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delivering marines and vessels to the region. these demonstrations are spreading to iran, bangladesh, so earlier today secretary of state hillary clinton tried to quell the storm, evoking this nation's founding principles and denouncing the film that provoked such offense. >> america's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. to us, to me personally, this bombing is disgusting and reprehensible. >> a 42-year-old native of winchester, massachusetts, a former navy s.e.a.l.
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we didn't learn of his the -- declaring that the president of the united states was somehow in sympathy with mr. daugherty's murderers. today we set the record straight, there was no apology. there was no sympathy for the enemy. there was nothing of the kind. and saying it again, mr. ryan, doesn't make it so. >> i disagree with the original statements that the embassy put out that the administration put out in cairo, sympathizing with the people who were storming the embassy. >> these falsehoods are being pedalled by desperate men and women who seem prepared to say anything in the name of their resolution. >> the l.a. riots are not going to lead to anything good. >> and they knowingly undermine the president of the united states even as he works to protect american lives major seas. >> i think this president is a
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wimp. i think this president doesn't have the courage to stand up to his terrorists. >> well this afternoon in virginia, mr. romney may finally have regained his faculty. he didn't mention the word sympathy or apology. joining us now is richard wolfe. mitt romney keeps talking about this false allegation that the president apologizes four america. but isn't it time he apologized first to the consulate staff who don't need a set of circumstances that are inflamed by the bluster and nonsense that comes out of his mouth, but also, what about the relatives of those who were killed. is there no courtesy, could he not have waited to release that
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statement until their next of kin had been informed. he's the man who needs to apologize. >> you need to recognize that there are times when a president is a political partisan figure and that job is about campaigning and there are times when you are speaking about a country a country in mourning. that's when you're really head of state, the president does most things, that's what mitt romney fumbled really badly. >> the world fumbled is inadequa inadequate, richard. >> well looking back at what actually happened and considering his own behavior, i think romney needs to reread the words of president bush, in these weeks and months when she was planning action against iraq, he was also talking about how great a religion islam is. he was talking about how we as
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americans look after muslim ameri americans, we protect them from hatred and tell them vile things about. -- -- also respect islam as an apologize. that's what the -- after 911. you. >> this is best evidence for why the blustering comments of a desperate politician are actually not in the best interests of this nation when it comes to matters overseas. >> that's obviously true. as richard said, george w. bush understood and mitt romney makes george w. bush look like some sort of giant of states manship
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and blodiplomacy, which is not easy thing to do. the administration response should have been some sort of blustery defense of this vile video produced specifically to inflame the sentiments of the muslim world. and just imagine what would have happened had that been an initial reaction by the u.s. administration saying, yeah, boy, we think this is great. you wouldn't see what you're seeing today, you would see something much worse. >> and we are seeing live pictures at the moment of protesters in cairo, in egypt, milling around and throwing rocks on the altercation, fairly young by the looks of them. richard, one of the things that we were looking at is the remarkable fact that when the democratic -- condemned the matter that the word god had not been included in the platform, and no reference to jerusalem as the capital of israel.
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so on the one hand, he's talking about us respecting religious faith and on the other hand, with respect to islam. >> you have to respect people of all faithing and mitt romney should understand that at quite a personal level given what some people have said about his own faith. and if you're going to attack people who denigrate faith, what do we think about those people who created this so-called movie. there's a consistency question, but also about american values, you respect all faiths and particularly those who have no faith at all. that's what we should be saying as a country to the world at this moment. another day and another attack because we gave credit to romney for not mentioning those stu wed comments yesterday. yet he's calling the chinese cheaters and stealers.
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what does he actually offer in terms of economic relationship. it's just abuse, isn't it? >> it is just abuse and you know, pandering on foreign policy is different than pandering on domestic policy. you can tell everybody, gee, we're going to create jobs out of nowhere, and we're going to cut everybody's taxes and you say that, but it doesn't have the effect of pandering on international affairs. and romney seems totally not to understand that. he -- it seems dangerously shallow and uninformed when it comes to foreign policy. it seems to have no idea of what diplomacy is. >> and eugene, for the benefit of our viewers they should know you spent a considerable a lot of your career as a foreign
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editor, so you know this area very, very well. let's look back at cairo, that are live, these are complex situations, we have already seen what has happened in relation to mitt romney, but this regeneral pl region actually represents a challenge for the president. >> people who are murdering and acting as mobs, they need to be condemned, they need to be quelled you need stable governments that -- that this country can help with in terms of training out police forces and that kind of thing, there is also as part of any democracy getting rooted, a need for again, a country like america, and america has traditionally played this role, in establi establishing a civil society. some of those parties as they were in europe, they not be entirely in line with american thinking, america actually
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played a critical role in the rise of center left parties. the idea was you split up the left. you don't just have communists out there, there are socialists, there are moderate parties as well. what we are looking at is -- to fracture out radical islam and have real democracy in these regions and take the heat out of these kinds of frustrates that are bubbling out or being manipulated by people who have blood on their hands already. >> i have just noted that john kerry became agitated less than an hour ago because he's hearing from many republicans that what we could do is pull the removal of the funding and everything. he said that's the last thing we should be going in relation to places like libya and egypt. do you agree?
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the arab spring isn't over, this is an ongoing process of change in a vital region in a region where there's always conflict, there's always controversy and there's usually bloodshed. this is going to be a long, difficult transitional process and if anything good is to come of it, we need to stay involved, we need to stay involved with countries that are difficult. and there will be difficulties ahead, but you have to take a longer view in this situation. i wish someone would sit mitt romney down and instruct him on what a longer view is. >> you jean robinson and richard wolf, maybe both of you could do so. thank you, gentlemen. coming up paul ryan returns to his day job. i think he may want to keep it for a while, stay with us. should we cut off that money both to libya and to egypt? >> well, yeah, and we ought to get a republican in the white house. what is the one island of
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mitt romney is right to point that out. never mind the terrorist attack to the american missions in places like saudi arabia and syria jerry rumsfeld's tenure. and then there's jerry kyle who defended romney's attacks by way
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of a rape analogy. this is like a judge telling a woman that got raped you asked for it because of the way you dressed, okay, that's the same thing, well, america you should be the ones to apologize, you should have known this would happen. >> hardly any republican leader wants to defend romney's remarks and the one that does, manages to interject the subject of rape into the death of american diplomats. as i said, incredible. joining us now, democratic congressman joseph crowley of new york, who sits on the house foreign affairs committee. good to be with you sir. >> when you hear a man like john kyle use the topic of rape as a defense for mitt romney's attempt to politicize something that should never, ever have been politicized, what comes to your mind? >> the only word that comes to my mind is bewildering. it really is a disgusting analogy. it has no place in even the
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political discourse in terms of talking about, what actually happened.
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i ask the senator, has the senator even been to egypt? i presume that means he hasn't been. >> kerry's point presumes that men like senator paul needs to see the world that he's in judgment of. do you accept that there are many people who are making comments about very complex situations around the world, who are frankly ignorant. >> it's nothing new here in washington, quite frankly, especially in what i call the silly season. this period between what we are now and the presidential election, everyone becomes an expert on foreign affairs. our withdrawal or our taking back or the resources is exactly what our enemies want us to do. they want us to withdraw, they want us to remove ourselves from
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the factor here so that thcan me in and fill the void, fill the vacuum. we have to wait to hear all of the facts, and quite franneni franneningly, as the facts do become available to us. we understand more and more just how brave our foreign servicemen and women are, how they put themselves online every single day and how often we take them to for granted, and i hope that never again will americans take for granted ambassador stevens and many like him. >> much more ahead, stay with us. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week, joshua davis knows the frustration of looking for funding, after being turned down by multiple lenders, the owner of the gelato fiasco,
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>> i'm joined now by nbc's mike vick k vickera. what do we know about the telephone calls that the president had.
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but look, it's clear, martin that, politics and foreign policies sometimes don't mix. obviously mitt romney, that reality hit home to him in a dramatic fashion over the coast of the last 48 hours. but this is a difficult situation for the president as well. if you remember back to tahrir square. >> there have been clashes that
1:27 pm
have happened in and around the neighborhood voichd the u.s. embassy. from what we understand, nothing close to the breach that we saw over the course of the last few days, and reports out of egypt at this point from what i understand, indicate that these folks are not -- these aren't politically motivated folks, some people have called them soccer hul begans, we know. >> stay with us, we'll have much more ahead. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role
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tendency to shoot first and aim later.
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good afternoon to both of you, professor, among those people who no longer want to touch mitt roll any's appalling statements.
1:33 pm
>> he seemed to walk away from his attacks today. but can he undo the damage that he's done? >> no, martin, i think he's left the impression that he's not ready for prime time, he's capable of diplomacy, of statement like -- nuance that people can take with which you can disagree but you don't have to engage in -- intolerance that fuels and fosters violent. it's not just a matter of his portfolio in terms of his foreign policy, it's about his inability to be a statesman and a real political figure who can lead the nation with liberty, great and gravity. >> mr. obama was praised by a litany of people from his favorite television network. >> sly like a fox, i guess, but the reality is that those who are beyond the purview of fox television don't see it that
1:34 pm
way, the american public, look at the difference between president obama and candidate for the presidency, mitt romney, mr. obama could have taken the bait on 60 minutes, and say, look, i'll let the american people decide that, he was kra shus and grateful. mitt romney, on the other hand, uses a day of national mourning and galvanizing grief for the american soul. as a result of that, to undermine the very virtues that we want to say to the rest of the world. beyond the fox news purview, those on the right wing, mr. romney does not look like an adroit and careful leader. >> have you ever -- >> i just want to take this aback, i disagree with the premise here and i don't want mitt romney and the gop to get -- mitt romney really blew it. and instead of having the courage and grace to come out and say, you know what? i may have spoken too soon or --
1:35 pm
he doubled down on that. and then what happens? he gets, you know, sort of nippeded at by his own people, and so he backtracks and lets other people fight his battles for you. these folks paid president obama so much that they are willing to essentially re-enforce a lie and part of what they -- i'm sure the strategy was is that mitt romney saw -- his argument being that the president is weak. his timing in the statement that he made, really undermined that critique. i think they saw their opportunity slipping away, so they decided the ckabul kind of got together, and we'll go ahead and take the heat and we'll continue to attack president obama. and the last thing i would say on this is by the way, the fact that these communities are so agitated suggests to me more
1:36 pm
that they do fear the united states and that the president has been very effective, i don't know, we got osama bin laden, we have taken down most of the most important heads in kaid, so, yes, we can expect retaliation, but that's a time for us as americans to stand together, not to create -- discord and disunity as a country. >> do you agree with karen's analysis, that actually what happened here is that the big brave mitt romney issues is the statements, and when he's criticized, he -- >> here's the brilliance about mr. romney that karen fin any adroitly points to, there's no wrong answer when it comes to mitt romney, yeah, he did that and the other stuff and he did them simultaneously, hence the problem, so on the one hand, his lack of states man ship and -- hypocrite because he let the
1:37 pm
buck pass him and on the other hand, he allowed other people to engage in a nefarious assault. so at the same time that mitt romney is out here trying to protend that he's a leader, let's not get the focus off where it belongs. i think that fox news wants him and others around him on the right wing want him to just be -- the politics of bluster, the politics of bravado. as opposed to let's try to work together, even as we exercise a very powerful foreign policy. >> karen, it seems remarkable to me given the fact that we know of contagion when it comes to these kinds of prozests. islamabad and pakistan, increasing protests against american embassies, american
1:38 pm
consula consulates, what could possibly possess mitt romney to come out with such a disgraceful statement. it mucht mean that he's not aware of the facts of history. when you do that kind of thing, you inflame the problem. >> think of it this way, martin, time and again, the answer we have gotten from romney as to why he wouldn't give us a single specific on what he would do with the middle east. what we have learned that this starts to unfold, he consults, who? not his foreign policy advisors, not his national security advisors, his political people, hiss communications people and puts out a statement that is incredibly irresponsible and then doesn't have the good sense to backtrack on that, recognizing that -- i reread the statement that the -- i would say that if we're really -- if we're really in a place where we're suggesting that saying that religious intolerance is something that americans abhor, that's a problem and that's a
1:39 pm
problem we need to deal with with the folks at fox, and mitt romney -- my point is clearly, mitt romney went for what he perceived the political opportunity, he did not do as he said he would do, which is to confer with foreign policy experts, national security experts of which he's got some fairly impressive people who should have told him, let's wait 24 hours to see how this situation unfolds. because foreign policy is a chess game and not checkers. >> with mr. romney, being president means never having to say you're wrong or you're sar. do we have to wait for your memoir for you to look back 20 years ago to suggest that you did something wrong? it does not mean that you're weak, it means that you're strong if you can acknowledge a flaw or a departure from the truth. >> indeed, i wish we had more time. thank you so much. next mr. ryan is welcomed back to his real home, the halls of congress, stay with us.
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and with our no annual fee iras and a wide range of low cost investments, you can execute the plan you want at a low cost. so meet with us, or go to for a great retirement plan with low cost investments. ♪ congressman paul ryan returned to capitol hill today getting back to work on the gridlock that he helped to create. waiting for him with his own special welcome back, was new york senator chuck schumer. >> mr. ryan would either have to make massive defense cuts, the very same defense cuts he decried on the campaign trail yed, or he would need to virtually eliminate the rest of the government. in terms of deficit reduction, the ryan plan is no other way to state it, a fraud.
1:44 pm
>> ken vogel, his chief investigative reporter and kevin bacon is the political editor. ken, after mr. ryan failed to explain his hypocrisy on the sequester, or how he can balance the budget while vastly increasing the military spending, will anybody be able to look at boehner in the eyes? >> you see from the personal tone, some of this criticism, it's not just about the ryan plan, or the sequester, or his requesting stimulus funds or criticizing him on the campaign trail, they're really going after him personally. >> it's pointless being polite about this. it's just hypocrisy.
1:45 pm
>> you often have where a member of congress is running for president or vice president and they present this long track record of votes that you can ding them on. saying one thing on the campaign trail, but voting a different way during their long congressional careers in some cases. but with paul ryan, it's different, because it's just not that he's cast these votes, but that he is a primary author of this plan, the ryan plan.
1:46 pm
drew attention to his budget hypocrisy last night. >> get rid of tax interests and lower tax rates for everybody. there are a lot of democrats who agree with this. ronald reagan and tip o'neill. >> you voted against simpson bowls. >> i put my own package out there, that's what leaders do. >> how exactly is paul ryan helping the republican ticket? >> at this point, i'm not sure he's helping the ticket, i'm also not sure he's helping himself. if you would have asked republicans who do they want to run in 2016, a lot of them would have said paul ryan, republicans really liked him and saw someone who kind of believed in things and had an agenda. now he pretty much sounds like mitt romney. he's now against things he was for bripreviously.
1:47 pm
it's definitely not at this point, no poll has shown paul ryan helping the ticket, except for in wisconsin where they have moved up a little bit. paul ryan not really on the ticket, and the marathon thing was not only embarrassing to the tickets entirely. >> does that explain why romney is now running two campaigns, one for vice president and the other to hold on the his seat in congress? do you think he's hedging his bets and realizing that he and mitt romney will most likely lose in november? >> don't think it's necessarily an acknowledgement task, i don't think he would have joined it were that to be the case. i do agree with perry, that if he were, if he harbored some hopes that regardless of the result here, that he would go back to congress, with increased statu stature, i think that calculation might need to be reassessed. this is not going to him necessarily, and some of the primary threats that would make
1:48 pm
him so a -- dial back, to sort of comport his ideas better with romney's, that really takes away what was seen as his strength. >> indeed, be careful what you wish. for. next more on the white house's response to the crisis overseas, but first amanda drury has the cnbc market wrap. >> this is a look at how the stocks stand go into tomorrow, we had a good day on wall street. the dow was up 206 points, the s&p 23 and the nasdaq gained by 41. ♪♪ multi-policy discount... paperless discount... paid in full discount... [yawning] homeowner's discount...
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the president was on the ground traveling with the president and joins now live from golden, colorado. kristen, we understand that the president hasn't spoken to the newly appointed or recently appointed leaders of egypt and libya, have you had any further details about the nature of those conversations? >> well, according to senior administration initials, those conversations were productive, both leaders condemned the violence and talked about working with the united states. as this situation moves forward, but of course the president monitoring the situation, very closely, there were fresh protests in egypt right now, i believe we have some pictures of that going on. so president obama certainly being briefed on the situation in the middle east throughout the day. he has of course been on the campaign trail, but senior administration officials stress that the office of the presidency really travels with him, so he had his eye on this
1:53 pm
situation all day long. i can also say the white house press secretary jay carney was asked if the united states would withhold this aid, in light of these protests. and carney said that that was not the case, that that was not going to happen at this point in time. as you know, president obama made some headlines when he was asked if he was an ally of the united states. he said he would not refer to them as an ally. obviously it is a fledgling government and one that the united states is opening will head in the right direction. this is certainly a volatile situation and one that the white house will continue to monitor. the president is on his way back right now to the white house. he just left a campaign event here in golden, colorado, just left a short while ago. so he will be back at the white house on friday to continue to monitor the unfolding situation in the middle east. >> you just referenced those
1:54 pm
pictures that we have live from cairo. we have been following the scene there this hour and it looks as though things are becoming more serious. there's a fire burning and that was not the case when we came on the air at 4:00 eastern. you said the president is traveling back to the white house now? >> that's right, he is heading back, he had his campaign event here in golden colorado. drew a crowd of about 8,500 people. left about half hour or so ago. so we expect him back at the white house this evening. he will be back at the white house on friday, martin, and throughout the weekend. he is expected to be back on the campaign trail on monday. i asked -- in dealing with this type of a crisis and they made the point that the president is always engaged and able to stay on top of these situations,.
1:55 pm
>> nbc's kristen welker. thanks, kristen. hey. hey eddie. i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yes i do. i want you to keep this. it'd be weird. take care. you too. [ sighs ]
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and before you reduce or stop dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. it's-time to clear the year. mitt romney continues to contend that the president may to be blame for the crisis because he spent too much time apologizing for america. mitt romney on it's worst online. >> mr. romney's obsession with this false allegation is born out in the contents of his recently published book, with its highly unique title.
1:59 pm
in his first nine months, president obama has issued policies and criticisms in america. in england and france. we have been through every one of those speeches and we cannot find any evidence for what mr. romney claims, but then maybe he hasn't read them. after all but if anyone needs to say sorry, it's mr. romney. he should apologize to those staff who work overseas on behalf of the nation, often in extremely complex circumstances and whose work can hardly be helped by the ill conceived bluster of a desperate presidential candidate.


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